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hoping u check out my latest set come on guys show me some love xx

Im Raegan, 25 but guys can call me Raegs!

I'm fun and friendly and I just LOVE getting my kit off, especially in front of the camera!

I am also a lapdancer and actress so I am very experienced in being nakey in all kinds of positions and places!
I cannot WAIT to share this with you guys through my pics!

Having people looking at and enjoying my curves makes me feel ever so sexy!

To be honest nowadays its a rare opportunity to wear clothes!
Lets just say the neighbours get more than an eyeful most mornings! ;)

I am here to make friends and share my experiences with like minded people!

So if you like the way I look then please do feel free to message me! :)

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3 Photosets


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Hey beautiful people,

Now I'm live on here, it's time to share my incentives package. I have LOADS of unpublished pics from my current set, and I will make sure there will be loads from future sets also. Now I don't want them hiding on a HDD somewhere gathering virtual dust, so here's YOUR chance to see the lot. FYI, I like to get 70 -120 shots in each set, and I doubt there will ever be more than 35 on Zivity from any one. And there will be a mix of outtakes, fun shots and some a naughtier than I dare post on here ;) but I hope you'll enjoy them all. In addition, there MAY also be some videos that will either match, or accompany these sets.

So here's the saucy deal:

5 votes = Zivity set is High Resolution.

10 votes = As above HALF the unpublished pics (all in High Resolution)

15 votes = As above ALL the unpublished pics (all in High Resolution)

30 votes on any set = All the above a personalised thank you video, made just for you with my love.

75 votes = All of the above, plus a sexy solo striptease video. (IF AVAILABLE STRAIGHT AWAY -IF NOT I MAY BE ABLE TO SHOOT ONE JUST FOR YOU)

From time to time, I may also get together with a few other Zivity friends to shoot something extra special, so keep coming back and checking your inbox for details of special offers.

And please remind me, bug me &harass me. Just don't allow me to forget to send out your incentives

Thank you in advance for all your votes


Raegan xxx

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Hello! How are you? I'm sorry in advance for the spam, Theres only 18 days left in the Phone sex contest and I was in 7th place but have recently slipped to 9th! I would love if you could take a look at it and maybe send some love?
I have a new incentive just for this set, if your interested shoot me a message. :)


Thanx for accepting!


Thank you for the FR.