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About Me

"Me is used in many constructions where strict grammarians prescribe I. This usage is not so much ungrammatical as indicative of the shrinking range of the nominative form: me began to replace I sometime around the 16th century largely because of the pressure of word order. I is now chiefly used as the subject of an immediately following verb. Me occurs in every other position: absolutely <who, me?>, emphatically <me too>, and after prepositions, conjunctions, and verbs, including be <come with me> <you're as big as me> <it's me>. Almost all usage books recognize the legitimacy of me in these positions, especially in speech; some recommend I in formal and especially written contexts after be and after as and than when the first term of the comparison is the subject of a verb."


Live up to the death



My Hometown

Near Paris

Favorite Music

Rock, pop, soul, jazz

Favorite Films

Back To The Future

Favorite Books

Mr Vertigo

My Superpower

I can fall asleep any time, anywhere

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