Colon, MI

Good day, I'm Nyxiin the Vyxiin or Foxen and I'm a natural redhead. I was raised on Batman and Starwars along with Renaissance faires (Huzzah!). At 5 I was introduced to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Spiderman (I now Collect Spidy Comics and drink from a TMNT Tea cup) At 9 I was introduced to Age of the Empires and the Sims along with Diablo and Starcraft thanks to my brothers which started my love for Video games. I now Collect NES, SNES, PS, and N64. At 11 I was introduced to my second love, Anime, at 14 I was introduced to D&D (I play 2.0-3.5/pathfinder). At 17 I was introduced to the Furry Fandom, and now I take on the Character as a fox for your pleasures. Don't judge me, I'm not a freak in a fursuit! I'm just a cutey fox eared girl looking for hugs! At age 19 I was introduced to Doctor Who and at age 20 Got into Cosplaying and Nekos :) I hope to cosplay all the redheads from anime and comics for your enjoyment!

Aside from my geek side, I was also raised to enjoy Nature, Gardening, Cooking, Shopping, High Fashion, Pinups, Hunting, makeup and hair, along with many other things I find to love! I hope to become the Marilyn Monroe of the Geek Fandoms as long as a High fashion runway model :)

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Welcome ^_^
Welcome ^_^
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