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 South Shields, UK

Aspring model with a gritty edge and a penchant for being accident prone

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2 Photosets


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Published at last :)

Hi there peeps, Nikki here. I hope you like what you see here on my profile.

I've been told I need to set up "incentives", so here goes, and I'm going to try and keep it simple to start.

5 votes gets you the online set
10 votes gets you the set + HALF the unpublished photos
15 votes gets you the set + ALL the unpublished photos
and all incentives are sent in High Resolution.
30 votes gets all that + a special thank you VIDEO
(and knowing me, that could involve ANYTHING haha)

So there you have it (for now) until I get to know what you want. And then I'll update things with other incentives and offers. But if you have any ideas of anything extra you'd like to see (videos, Skype chats, even clothing), just let me know and maybe I can accomodate.

Nikki xxx

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Hi Nikki, yes, that's my work in Medusa, I'm waiting for Mark to put out the last issue....

Through A Glass Photo

I'll tell him to get his ass in gear, but I know he is having a few family health issues at the moment


Likewise. I hope you'll like what you see when you can see more :)