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About Me

I've been modeling since the age of 13 for various friends who also happen to be photographers. Despite my shy nature I found that I wanted to expand that circle of photographer friends. So, at the suggestion of one of those friends, I found myself here.

I'm here because I love participating in the creative process. I find my life gets a little boring when I don't have enough artistic expression in different spots throughout it. I'm shy, at least at first, as pretty much anyone I've worked with should be able to tell you, but I love having a hand in the creation of beautiful, powerful, thought provoking, images. And don't worry my idea of what is beautiful is rather expansive.

I'm not here because I want to find a boyfriend. I have one of those. Sorry boys. I'm not here do porn or any kind of adult work. I'm not here to be groped by people who call themselves amateur or even professional photographers. I don't find that kind of behavior to be very professional. I'm not here to look beautiful either, I'm here to help create something beautiful.

Modeling is my full time job and I need to be compensated for my time and traveling expenses more often than not. I will consider trade for exceptional artists and projects.

I've had the great fortune to be able to work with some amazing creators and I hope my luck continues since I don't think I've exhausted the desire to help create just yet. If you have a creative idea that you think I might be able to work with you to accomplish, please let me know. If I find the idea to be in the realm of what I want to help create then we can have ourselves a great time working toward it.


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Redlands, CA

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Hard Candy

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    Hey new friend

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    I like your pictures!

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    You are amazingly beautiful! Great new set! Thanks for the awesome Christmas present!

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    You are stunning. Awesome new set.

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    Yes we absolutely should!

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    Working on our sets. . . xo

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