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in Tree of Life (41 photos)

by ChryseisDawn


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“Nicole dreaming of becoming one with nature seeks out the power.. of life in this gorgeous tree. In the end she can breath life again... bare and free. INCENTIVES!! Vote 10 times or more and get 5 shots from the set of YOUR choice sent straight to your email. Vote 20 times or more and you will receive the first and only set with me (aka Shakikai) and the lovely Nicole in the same tree... Completely beautifully...flirty and naturally nude! Vote 35 times or more and you get the bonus set plus bonus (behind the scenes/goof) shots with me and Nicole and the awesome JBH Studios photographer. Shot by WunderWhatPhotos. :)”



Compact Disco

featuring NNY


A Bit Tied Up at the Moment

featuring NNY


A Helping Hand

featuring NNY


Silk and velvet

featuring NNY


View from a Hill

featuring EnglishBabs


Late Summer Breeze

featuring ChelseaChristian