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 Milwaukee, WI

swamped with homework. Sorry to everybody who've been looking for me! I'm hiding behind my metal sculptures and oil paintings!

Thanks for visitng my profile! I am a student and when not working on school, I practice yoga, draw, and spend time with friends, hike, and enjoy nature. I love freestyle dancing at concerts, as music is another passion of mine.

I see the yin and yang of life and try to balance school, which can be very stressful, with activities I thoroughly enjoy, including a lot of self expression, modeling being one of my outlets.

Modeling reminds me of my beauty, my innate sensuality, and allows me to explore my imagination.

Born in the year of the horse (Chinese zodiac), I am defined as many other "horses" are: friendly, loving, sensual, active, pensive, and playful; "La Belle Noir" expresses six definitive qualities that make up a huge part of my personality. I am extremely open-minded and can get along with almost anyone. My friends are all adored and loved as they exist as my extended family. Also, I am naturally and accidentally sensual; Sigmund Freud would have a ball analyzing and working with me! Physically active, I love being outside horse back riding, long boarding, hiking, my favorite being practicing yoga on my drive way! Having read as a main hobby for a lot of my life, I am quite pensive, getting lost in thoughts at times. Although I may be pensive, I am as playful as a cat, addicted to having fun as well as relaxing.

I love exploring creativity; so if you have any unique ideas, suggest! Maybe, I'll make use of them in my next set.

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Thanks for checking out my site! I'm always looking for modeling opportunities!

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Hope we can work together! :)


I'd like to see what you have been working on! :)