High Hopes

by MJDigitalArt featuring MontanaRayne

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MJDigitalArt says: “Montana came to me and had me watch the video for High Hopes.. as much as I like Pink Floyd.. I had never even heard the song or seen the video. The video is kind of odd.. as many Pink Floyd video's are, but this one had some fun elements to it that I was instantly inspired to do. This set is INSPIRED by the video.. none of the scenes that are here are exactly duplicated from the video.. but if you've seen the video you will recognize some elements.. I think we did pretty well with it. This set was shot over two days, in several different locations, including a church where we had to get our shoot in and get out before we got confronted.. (even though we were on public right of way.. they frown on having their building photographed) so needless to say this shoot was an adventure... Thanks Andrew for the inspiring prize concept! - Love this set, and we'll love you back double! Vote incentives are in place for this set.. see my profile for details. ”

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    Stunning imagery here! Great work you two!