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in Memories of Summer (22 photos)

by MJDigitalArt


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“Drifting through memories of another time and place... another era... when things were simpler.. I can still see the sunlight as it gleams off her golden hair... and the way she looked at me when she .... looked at me. How I wish for days gone past, happier days... warmer days that drift in my memories ------- This was the first set that I shot with MontanaRayne this summer.... and as I was sorting through it.. trying to decide what I wanted to do with it.. I started playing with a cross processing technique... and fell in love! I love the 60's/70's kodachrome feel of the processing... I hope that you will love it too! --- Vote Incentives in place.. see my profile for details...”



Ice Cool Down

featuring MontanaRayne


Alien Encounter

featuring MontanaRayne



featuring MontanaRayne


The Waking

featuring Jesse Danger


Strawberries and Tutus

featuring Taren Rae


Red Burlesque

featuring hexhypoxia