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 Hampton Roads, Virginia

finally getting to approve some sets shot a couple of months back! One has just been posted, and the other is coming soon. Enjoy! <3

Hey, there. My name's Rebekah, but I use the alias Model Engel to tie into the greater passions of my life: photography (Des Todes Photography) and writing (Engel des Todes). To become even better at photography, I hopped in front of the lens to see how it feels from the subject's point of view. Here on Zivity, I hope you enjoy some of my learnings. :)

PS: For photographers interested in working with me, you must be okay with the fact that I have sixteen piercings and ten tattoos. For details, check out my Facebook page at:

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Hello!I just launched my new set "Chronic Ink" with model MissLoLo for the Dream Job contest. I would love for you to check it out and let me know your thoughts.