in Pin-up / Nature - One (24 photos)

by sideviewinn


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“This is the very first Set of my new Pin-up / Nature Series. That is also why it is my very first set EVER not to be called "The one...". What I want to show with this series is the beautiful nature of my home area called "Odenwald" in Germany and how great Pin-up models like Fräulein Zara fit into this surrounding. I am really happy to live life in places like this. So I wanted to cooperate it into my work some more. Expect a lot more of these in the near future. Also this is the first Set of Fräulein Zara here on Zivity. Show some love, she is awesome and really motivated! I have some more material with Zara in the pipeline. Stay tuned. This set is shot right across the street from my house in a little river I used to play and catch all kinds of animals when i was a little child.”



The one with seductive sweets

featuring MissZara


The one introducing Miss Zara

featuring MissZara


The one thats just fashion

featuring MissZara


Books are my favourite things

featuring erin_elizabeth


Venus Aversa

featuring AzuraRose


Secret Garden

featuring KatrinaWhite

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