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NOTE: I have retired and am no longer accepting bookings.

The original Hell Kitten, Miss Conduct is a flaming-haired trouble maker you'll love to look at. With long red hair and a mischievous glint in her eye, she's one tough little devil. Whether sliding around underneath one of her cars, strutting her stuff in a designer's show, or suspended in mid-air while suffering through the tightest rope bondage, you'll still find there's only one word it would take to describe her. Dangerous.
Latex, bondage, encasement...She has a love of all things tight, with a particular passion for corsets. Tightlaced corsets.

A familiar face in fetish, as well as, fine art and fashion. Miss Conduct, easily recognizable by her distinctive flaming red locks, has appeared in a wide gamut of projects and publications. She can be spotted on album covers and event posters, in magazines and clothing catalogs, and everywhere else in between. Miss Conduct has been focused in the lenses of some of the most talented photographers in the industry today, Christine Kessler, Steve Diet Goedde, Charles Gatewood, Dave Naz, and Stephen McClure to name just a few. In addition to those "long ass legs", she is known for her easygoing, friendly personality and unwillingness to be taken too seriously. So it is easy to understand why her sense of humor so often precedes her.

The name. A friend tagged Miss Conduct with her moniker which, despite popular belief, was derived from her passion for hockey. Coupled with the way she looks, it seemed to have just fit and stuck.


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Santa Cruz, Ca. USA

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