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Posted on 09/27/2011 by MissChaos   
Hey guys!


5 votes = 2 pictures not published.
10 votes = 2 pictures not published AND 2 candids.
15 votes = Print out mailed and signed, picked by you!

:) Show love, and I'll return the favor!

  • Posted on 06/23/2012 by Jamila   
    so glad to see you here!

  • Posted on 02/10/2012 by TameBabyParrots   
    Wow your first set is hot, I love it!

  • Posted on 11/12/2011 by AlycHope   
    hey darling how are you lately

  • Posted on 10/14/2011 by elexastar   
    Thanks for being a zivity friend! ♥ Feel free to check out my sets. I always appreciate love via votes ;]

  • Posted on 10/07/2011 by EvaSkye   
    Hello sexy new friend

  • Posted on 10/03/2011 by onirico   
    A refreshing debut, keep going!

  • Posted on 09/19/2011 by MissChaos   
    Hey friends!

    Finally have a published set! The lovely Lorelei shot this set for me on my birthday! It's a pleasure to share it with you guys.

    I'll be working on some incentives later on tonight. Show some love! It'll count! <3

  • Posted on 09/25/2011 by ScareCrowe   
    Thanks for the add!

  • Posted on 09/22/2011 by CherieDeville   
    Hey new friend :)

  • Posted on 09/20/2011 by toxicdiva   
    Thank you so much for the vote! :)

  • Posted on 09/20/2011 by Binkygirl737   
    Thx for the add beautiful :) Dropping by and leaving some lovins MUAHZ

  • Posted on 09/19/2011 by bitten   
    showed you some love dear. :)

  • Posted on 09/16/2011 by MissChaos   
    Can't wait to go full throttle on this site. Excited to make new friends and check out some amazing modeling and photography! xx

  • Posted on 09/07/2011 by MissChaos   
    New to Zivity! I can't believe it took me this long to finally join. I am glad to be here and can't wait to share some pretty photos with you!

  • Posted on 09/16/2011 by babelmak1   
    Thanks for the add

  • Posted on 09/08/2011 by LoreleiPhoto   
    welcome!! glad you're here!

Zivity loves you too.