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Only voters receive the private messages a model sends to her fans. Voting is how you show love and appreciation to your favorite models & photographers. Zivity pays them a cash royalty for each vote they receive.

“So this was the set of all sets... we edited this entire set and then the harddrive it was on crashed... so we got the pleasure of re-edting every pictures again... thank GOD no one could ever get sick of looking at Mischa! THEN... once we finally have it uploaded... Zivity won't let us re-arrange it? So it's basically backwards... sorry about that folks. Not our week, I guess! Please offer this set some love... we could really use some positive reinforcement! ::sigh::”



Geisha Dreams

featuring Mischa


breaking a sweat.

featuring Mischa


Bedroom Eyes

featuring Mischa


pink penance

featuring Mischa


Victorian Secret

featuring Lanivia


Out in the field

featuring LaceLeBlanc