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 NYC, Tristate Area

watching singing in the rain...i miss old hollywood. nobody has any talent anymore.

"Folks, here's the story of Minnie the Moocha. She was a red hot, hoochie koocha. She was the roughest, toughest freak. But Minnie had a heart as big as a whale." -The great Cab Calloway-

Welcome to my MM Page! Make yourself comfortable! I'm a really easy going kinda gal, and open to most kinds of modeling. I prefer pin up, being psychobilly swing kid myself, and I love the whole cheesecake aspect to it. I have a Bettie Page style, plus tattoos and piercings.
Piercings: Nose, Monroe, others you'll never see wink
Tattoos: 13...and I wont cover them for a shoot. Sorry.

A few things I don't do, however. I don't do frontal nudity. I don't do anything trashy. I'm a very classy kinda gal.

I also don't ever come to a shoot alone (unless I already know the photographer or a model who has worked with them!). No offense, but I've met a lot of creepy people on here.

I also don't pay for shoots (there are, of course, exceptions to everything...). I buy or make my own costumes. I provide my own vintage hairstyles and makeup. Working with me is like working with a mua/hairstylist/and model-three for the price of one!

At this time (unless we have already discussed a shoot or I contact you!) I am only accepting trade work for tearsheets, or designers. My rates are beyond reasonable (I need travel and makeup kit expenses covered smile ). I'm very pleased with my portfolio right now!

If you're a photographer and I contact you, it means your work rocks, and I'd love to work tf*! And did I mention I love runway? Well, I do, and unlike a lot of gals, I know how to walk in heels!

Also, I actually show up for shoots, on time. I just ask for the same respect from my photographers. If you need to cancel last minute, please, let me know. I'm not going to be a bitch about it, but I'd like to know ahead of time. I don't bite, promise!

I also am very capable of doing my own hair. I usually prefer this as I can do a better job than most hairstylists I've met. Please let me know ahead of time so I know what to pack in cases where I would have to provide my own hair and makeup.

I take a very active role in my shoots. I like to plan things, come up with concepts. I'm not one of those models who is just like "Whatever you think is best". So, if you need help planning a shoot, or ideas, let me know!

I am available to shoot pretty much any day of the week!

***I am in the process of waist training! Currently fitting a 20 inch corset closed***

Clothing designers/brands I've modeled/walked runway:

Dementia Clothing
Jacci Fredenburg Corsets
Sugar Kitty Corsets
Victoria Velvet
Bombshell Clothing
Mode Merr
Fuck the Mainstream (and the Vampirefreaks store
Lip Service
Hell Bunny
House of Mob (amazing steampunk garb!)
Latex Nemesis
Edith and Ivy
Kathryn and Alexandra wedding gowns
Cupcake Provocateur
Sourpuss Clothing
Berit New York
D.Webb Couture

...and hoping to do much, much more!

I'm in a music video with the fab The Armed Suspects, Miss Bea, and Devil Kitten (i'm the chick making silly faces in the one piece! A gal just wants to have fun, right? lol):

Check out my naughty little set with Miss Devil Kitten in issue #1 of Retro Lovely!

Check out my photos on Fangoria! … -club.html

I'm on! … ue&s=i

I found my way on Piercing

I'm Miss November in the upcoming "Pin Ups For Pups" 2010 Charity Calander! It's an internationally released calendar, whose proceeds go to animal rescue orgnizations all over the world!

Please check out this wonderful orgnization at:

I was featured in SLAM's online magazine:

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hey! thank for accept my friend request ;)
hope that u're ok ^^



Hey! i enjoy your debut photoset,
i invite you to see my first photoset here on Zivity


Thanks for the FR. Look forward to seeing your sets. Like your profile and you sound like a blast to work with. Maybe we can.