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 Chicago, IL

about to have new sets! Awesome bonuses.

I'm really trying to find a way to summarize myself, I swear.

I'm kind of a mess. I'm indecisive and impulsive, passionate and apathetic. I'm shy, and sometimes I can't stop being a chatterbox. Sometimes I can't talk at all. There are days I hate everyone and don't want to be touched. Other days I struggle to keep my hands to myself.

I'm in the in-between. I never really know what I'm doing ahead of time but I'm sooo sure of myself as things are happening. I second guess myself later, always.

I dig video games and roller coasters. Coffee any time of the day. I love driving, especially if I don't have a destination. I love to get lost, find new things, and find my way back.

I have a huge obsession with weather, storms especially. I went to college briefly for meteorology/mathematics before I ran out of money.

I'm one of the most impatient people I know, a trait I'm working on...

I'm over-the-top honest. If I think it, I'll probably be saying it. I don't really have a censor. I can be really sarcastic, hyper, goofy, random, andamillionotherthings.

I'm WEIRD. I have no issues wearing shoes with holes so big my toes stick through (don't worry, I'll save it for the second date). Sometimes I don't match. On purpose. I really like scarves. Oddly colored ones.

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Hay guys, I'd like to treat some of you to these incentives from my World of Warcraft set. They're probably my favorite shots from the set overall, including one where my dog crashed the set. (She just wants to be famous). Here's what some love will get you:
3 votes = 1 sexy outtake
5 votes = 5 sexy extras

I figure anything over 10 votes will get the whole lot, including some shots that are tooo sexy for zivity.

x0x0 <3

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Lovely second set!


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