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 Ontario, Canada

Check out my new set - Hardwood, shot by LoreleiPhoto

My perfect evening: my cats, a soft blanket, a movie, and good chocolate.

I'm awkward and shy but with friends I become rather loquacious.

I abhor being responsible for decisions when others are involved - I worry that I can't satisfy everyone.

I find the natural world to be utterly astounding. Science (with a healthy dose of skepticism) is my dogma.

I make lists. I tend to obsess over things and writing them down is my only means of preventing madness.

I'm extremely open-minded, and love to hear about others' experiences though I am often hesitant to ask. (I don't want to pry.)

My idea of romance is staying up and talking about anything and everything late into the night.

I am technologically challenged.

I am sometimes weird about displaying affection, even though I absolutely adore intimacy.

I hope that in my lifetime I will be able to make at least a small difference in our society.

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2 Photosets


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Check out my new set "Hardwood", shot by LoreleiPhoto!

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I'm now in Toronto, you still in Guelph?


Where here in Ontario are you?


Wow, I am slow at replying. Sorry about that. But, I'm in Guelph.