in Fixture Lit Black Bathroom (24 photos)

by nskinloch


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“Photovance invited me over to his shoot with Meluxine who was visiting from Australia. I grabbed my camera and my 50mm 1.4 lens and left the lights at home. I shot Meluxine lit only with the bathroom's lights and the modeling light on one of Vance's lights. I love everything about this set. I love the story of the lighting. I love the bathroom's black tile and circle mirrors. I love the way Meluxine and I moved around the entire bathroom pulling everything we could from it. I love that Meluxine is gorgeous and I was able to capture it without fucking up. ”




featuring Meluxine


Intensive Care

featuring Meluxine


Meluxine VS the Red Chair

featuring Meluxine


Sigar Ros

featuring Meluxine


double your pleasure

featuring minuitstorm


Chile Over My Skin

featuring cuttie

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