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 Los Angeles, CA

Born in Point Pleasant, NJ, Amanda Evans moved to Plano, Texas at age 2. She grew up a top competitive soccer player, and earned many awards throughout her career such as offensive mvp, team captain, all-area, and leading goal-scorer. Amanda was also the Drum Captain for her high school marching band in which she was awarded first chair and exemplary soloist. In addition to her extracurricular achievements, Amanda was an honor's student and continued on to Baylor University where she graduated with honors and earned a degree in Kinesiology. After college graduation Amanda moved to Los Angeles to make a name for herself and climb the ladder to success. She has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including Playboy, Spike Tv, and Jimmy Kimmel. Look for her first Playboy magazine: Playboy's Lingerie on newsstands July 1st 2008!!! Come check Amanda out at the world-renowned Playboy Mansion August 23rd as she is hosting a charity event for Cops Care Cancer Foundation. Tickets and info at
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I'd love to shoot a set with you! xo


Mandy - how are you doing down there in LaLa land. Give me a holler on the phone when you have a chance.


I love being able to connect with even more people in our community through walls. You can use them like blogs by making your posts 'sticky,' or just post notes to each other. So...what's up?