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About Me

I go by Mai =]

Traveler, year-round soccer player, baker, photographer, lover of food.

I have been modeling for over 5 years now. I have walked for designers in fashion shows as well as modeled for brands. I also work as a model for photography workshops.

I am not hard to get along with, at all. I am laughing all the time and love to create amazing pieces of work.

I do take my work seriously. Please contact me only if you know that the work we create will enhance BOTH of our portfolios.

This is the place where I express my work, both as a model and photographer.

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to working with amazing people.

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Eugene, ORegon

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Eugene, Oregon

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Posted on 08/02/2014 by MaiEmerald   
Incentives for "Burnt Sun"

10 votes- set as published
15 votes- set as published plus two additional, unseen photos
20 votes- set as published plus four additional, unseen photos
30 votes- set as published plus three of your favorite shots from any of my sets!

Please email me after you have voted with the number of votes ( and the photos you want from a specific set if you voted 30 times )


  • Posted on 09/03/2014 by lovechildk   
    Thanks for the add please check out my new set

  • Posted on 07/01/2014 by MaiEmerald   
    Yes! "Shower Lust" is up.
    10 votes- set as published
    15 votes- set as published plus two additional, unseen photos!
    20 votes- set as published plus four additional, unseen photos!
    30 votes- set as published plus four additional, unseen photos and a very sexy video take from the shoot!

    Love, peace, and wonderful creativity to all you lovelies

  • Posted on 07/22/2014 by EdgyFashion   
    Thanks for accepting my FR, it's much appreciated.

  • Posted on 07/22/2014 by RazorCandi   
    Thanks for the add :)

  • Posted on 07/12/2014 by armasmarissa11   
    My naughtiest set ever has just gone live and I'd love to hear what you think of it - and be sure to check out the incentives ;)

  • Posted on 07/13/2014 by MaiEmerald   
    Thanks =] I sure am!


  • Posted on 07/09/2014 by armasmarissa11   
    New set up for Urban Exploration, I'd love some feedback!

  • Posted on 07/08/2014 by DevilDoll   
    Hi honey, thank you for acctng my fr :3

  • Posted on 06/30/2014 by MaiEmerald   
    Hello lovelies-
    INCENTIVES for "The Film Camera" and "Camera and Boobs"
    5 votes- set as published
    10 votes- set as published with two additional, unseen photos!
    15 votes- set as published with four additional, unseen photos!
    25 votes- set as published with four additional, unseen photos and a hot video from the shoot!

    Much love to all, votes appreciated, new sets coming shortly :)

    Mai Emerald

  • Posted on 06/17/2014 by MaiEmerald   
    It's slowly coming along... Can't wait to show everyone my new photos!

  • Posted on 06/26/2014 by ohsonaughty   
    Thank you for the friend request. I would love to shot some time if you are looking for other photographers to work with.

  • Posted on 06/25/2014 by KatrinaWhite   
    Gorgeous self shots! Welcome to Zivity! I'm actually going to be passing though Eugene on the 30th on my way home from my modeling/photography tour. Let me know if you'd be interested in getting together for a quick Zivity shoot. My photographer profile is KWphotos here.

  • Posted on 06/18/2014 by WPLProductions   
    Thank you for accepting my FR

  • Posted on 06/19/2014 by MaiEmerald   

  • Posted on 06/17/2014 by CowboyDavePhotography   
    Thanks for the friend request! Love your work!

  • Posted on 06/17/2014 by MaiEmerald   
    Thank you!

  • Posted on 06/17/2014 by Pepin   
    thx for the fr ! nice first shoot and you're gorgeous :)

  • Posted on 06/17/2014 by MaiEmerald   
    Awe thank you!

  • Posted on 06/17/2014 by Bombshell Kimber   
    Thank you for the fr beautiful :)

  • Posted on 06/13/2014 by MaiEmerald   
    Ready to get my sets approved to show everyone!

  • Posted on 06/11/2014 by MaiEmerald   
    Finding some inspiration for some more photoshoots!

  • Posted on 06/12/2014 by EyeoftheWorld1954   
    Thanks for the FR. Looking forward to your first set. Perhaps we will have a chance to work together some time.

  • Posted on 06/12/2014 by MonaCataldo   
    Thanks for the add hun

  • Posted on 06/17/2014 by MaiEmerald   

  • Posted on 06/12/2014 by StoneNYC   
    Thanks for accepting my FR! Hope you've found the motivation to do more sets :) You've got this!

  • Posted on 06/12/2014 by NeoGeo   
    Welcome to the party! Thanks for the FR! Hope to see your art, in one form or the other;-), real soon!

  • Posted on 06/11/2014 by Photogofer   
    Hi Neighbor, welcome to zivity. Let me know if you want to do some sets sometime.

  • Posted on 06/11/2014 by nickjohnson   
    Welcome! Nice to see you here. How've you been?

  • Posted on 06/11/2014 by PtownFoto   
    Hey Mai, Thanks for friending me. Are you on Model Mayhem?

  • Posted on 06/11/2014 by MaiEmerald   
    Yes! Just posted my link on "About Me".

  • Posted on 06/11/2014 by Through A Glass Photo   
    want to shoot on the coast?

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