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About Me

I am not your everyday, ordinary girl.
I am not afraid to be myself, to be open minded, to be bold,and down to earth. I have achieved many life experiences that many could not say they have even tried. I push myself beyond my limits, constantly trying to further my strengths and grow as an individual.

I am a Pro Switch, meaning I am a professional in domination. I do Pro sessions as well as bdsm shoots.

BDSM is a HUGE part of my life and beliefs. I am highly spiritual. It has helped me become a better person, constantly learning about myself, and conquering many obstacles in life that I never knew was possible.
I am also a student at ACC. I am majoring in ASL Interpreting for the Deaf. I am highly fluent in ASL, as my parents are deaf. I want to turn a talent into a success.

I use the votes and any winnings from Zivity towards schooling. So for those who have been voting, thank you so much for all the support! I am so open to custom shoots, so if you have an idea for me, let me know!

If you are ever interested in doing a session or fetish shoot, please email me for info and rates: [email protected]

My time is truly valuable, as I am sure yours is. Please do not waste my time.

*Live fast, die young*


Pro Switch/Model/Student


Austin, TX

My Hometown

Glendora, CA

My Superpower

To see the future

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Posted on 01/17/2015 by MIssCrimsonRush   
MissCrimson and the Comfy Brown Sofa

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