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About Me

Im an oldschool SuicideGirls joining in 2005, two weeks after I turned 18 and started modeling and getting into the kink community and traveling across the US shooting personal collectives for fetish photographers for coffee table books, online magazines, and in all forms photo, video and live performance.

What I like in art and interests:
Revolution. Chainsaws. Sharks. Mutations. Perpetual- motion. Cybernetics. Rocket launchers. The Rapture. Vegan/Vegetarisn lifestyles. tattoos. Black holes. Atomic Bombs. The Bermuda triangle. Nebulas. Auras. Quantum Theory. Pi. Aerodynamics. Temporal Mechanics. The Zodiac Killer. Medieval Torture. The wave/particle dilemma. Mayan Prophecies. Nostradamus. Vengeance. Scarification. Peyote. Fetish. Freewill. Paranoia. Dream sequences. Illusion. Water Spiders. Evolution. Olive Oil. The Dead Sea. Cthulhu. Revolution. Shadow people, Peripheral vision. Poison. The Necronomicon. Sacrifice. Aristotle. Three-fold social order. Gore. Lust. True love. Sacred Geometry. Magnetism. Atlantis. The Craft. Cannibalism. Materialism. Existentialism. Transcendence. Mummification. Dolphins. Ions. War. Draft. DNA. Body adornment. Suburbia. Ley lines. Tectonic plates. Lava. Deep-water life forms. Air temples. The social-deconstruction of reality. Bullet trains. NASA. Solar wind. Alexandrite. Fast heart-rates. Free-falling. combat boots, purple / teal / silver, Vegetarian/Vegan lifestyle, green eyes, soft skin, softer kisses, flip-books, beetles, BATS, snakes sci-fi


Think.Exist Prodictions / Self Employed


Metro Detroit, MI

My Hometown

New Baltimore, MI

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