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by mfarring13


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“Since this set is intended for the set of the month prize, I wanted to shoot a set that was free of modern conveniences like expensive gear, Photoshop, and expensive props. I wanted to pay tribute to photography from the past. This set was shot on an old Pentax SLR 35mm that my mother had in collage. I developed the film MYSELF, and NO retouching was done other than digitally scanned and resized for web. I wanted to retain everything in the picture as it was shot including lens imperfections and all. I want the pictures to speak for themselves as they are, and not "improved" on a computer. Pure and Simple. ”



Chess & Chocolate

featuring Littlepinkstar



featuring Littlepinkstar


Volcano Girl

featuring Littlepinkstar


Wooden Chair

featuring Littlepinkstar


bath voyeur

featuring Moro


The Ride part 2 - Seduction

featuring Titan Moon

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