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I'm just an ordinary cat. I'm into art and fuzzy rabbits, kinda smart with a big heart; and you can have it!


Hair designer


Milwaukee, WI

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My heart is in Ohio

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Perceptive powers of correct analysis

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  • Posted on 05/08/2013 by Sassie   
    hey there, thanks for accepting my FR! : )

  • Posted on 01/01/2013 by KatrinaWhite   
    Happy New Year! :) <3

  • Posted on 04/20/2012 by KatrinaWhite   
    Great new set!!! :) <3

  • Posted on 02/14/2012 by CNyle   
    Thank you so much for the friendship! Please feel free to check out my 1st set "CNyle ♥'s World of Warcraft" and maybe spare a vote or two!! ;)

  • Posted on 02/04/2012 by KatrinaWhite   
    Thanks for accepting my friend request! Congrats on the feature. :) I love your sets!!

  • Posted on 02/01/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    Congrats on ur first feature! xo

  • Posted on 01/31/2012 by pony   
    Love your moving boxes set!

  • Posted on 01/30/2012 by Abrupt   
    Ooooh cooooooooooooool new photoset! Neat idea! <3

  • Posted on 01/14/2012 by SweetSurrender   
    Hope you have an amazing weekend!!!


  • Posted on 12/22/2011 by Merlowe   
    What? I musta missed an update somewhere! Congratulations lady..I would love to finally meet you..Please invite me to the baby shower! Take care

  • Posted on 12/12/2011 by Pirate Photography   

  • Posted on 12/12/2011 by EnglishBabs   
    Congratulations! It is great news to hear that Baby Pinkstar is on the way! Becoming a mother will change your life forever, but in a wonderful way. I have 5 children, all grown up now, and they have enriched my life so much. And why not shoot some baby bump sets when your bump starts to show? A pregnant woman is so beautiful! Here is an example:-

  • Posted on 11/30/2011 by Merlowe   
    Long time no chat with..hope all is well in your world..Love the new set..Hope your Holiday was nice!

  • Posted on 10/27/2011 by Guns   
    My new set 'The Backseat' is up by AftermathPhoto!
    The bonus pictures are just as good!
    Check it out! Vote if you like!

  • Posted on 10/22/2011 by AlycHope   
    hope your doing well

  • Posted on 10/09/2011 by Merlowe   
    Thats great news cannot wait to see .I am planning a shoot with Salome and a few other togs around here I hope to be able to bring some new sets to Zivity also!

  • Posted on 10/09/2011 by AftermathPhoto   
    yes! let's shoot! email me and we'll set something up! I am more free these days to possibly plan a trip up your way too. :)

  • Posted on 09/17/2011 by AndyVirus   
    Good stuff! Looking forward to seeing them.

  • Posted on 09/17/2011 by AndyVirus   
    Haha *blush*. Well thank you. It was a fun shoot. I'm very excited for it to be posted. I've done nudes before, but they either haven't gotten back to me or just were bad photos. No nudes in this one. Just topless XD

  • Posted on 08/16/2011 by EnglishBabs   
    How are you doing? Good to see you back.

  • Posted on 07/31/2011 by Abrupt   
    How are you and how was the fabulous Salome?

  • Posted on 07/11/2011 by Shakikai   
    I mean contest theme... haha

  • Posted on 07/11/2011 by Shakikai   
    Im surprised too!! It'a an awesome set! :)

  • Posted on 07/10/2011 by EnglishBabs   
    Go ahead and enter the Pulp Fiction contest! You'd make a great Butch!

  • Posted on 07/10/2011 by EnglishBabs   
    Just got back from Mallorca. Had an AMAZING time!

  • Posted on 07/09/2011 by mfarring13   
    Aww, I miss you too! I havent been out much here, and when I do go out in public I see mostly people of walmart and squares!! I really hope I can make a trip back by October!!!

  • Posted on 07/02/2011 by TimelessGB   
    I'm currently booking into Aug...I also do retouching and artistic edits

  • Posted on 07/01/2011 by hexhypoxia   
    aww thnz love <3 haha yea im trying to strt making more stuff hehehe

  • Posted on 06/29/2011 by Merlowe   
    Ah my BAD :( I hope I just remedied that :)

  • Posted on 06/29/2011 by Merlowe   
    Teehee..LMAO>>Viva la morning to your TT's NICE!! :)

  • Posted on 06/29/2011 by Merlowe   
    No luv not TTC it is HOTT..silly!

  • Posted on 06/27/2011 by Merlowe   
    You are so generous..teehee..just got a new phone..let me check my number and get it to you.."blush"

  • Posted on 06/27/2011 by Merlowe   
    What contest are you entered in? Got me wishin I was a votin fan..I like naughty pics.."insert evil grin'"

  • Posted on 06/27/2011 by ArcaneAngel   
    i want to do a vampire shoot too! :)

  • Posted on 06/26/2011 by Kealani   
    Fuck yeh True Blood!

  • Posted on 06/26/2011 by Merlowe   
    Is that tonight? I usually download two at a time and watch them ..I hate suspense..I love true blood..Have you read any of the books? The Southern Vampire Series! Good Stuff there.

  • Posted on 06/26/2011 by Merlowe   
    Don't blame you there..I know a tattoo artist that has ODB on his is pretty pretty sweet..I just downloaded lilWaynes new album and have been listening to it every morning on my route..he is a naughty naughty boy and I gotta say..I LIKE

  • Posted on 06/26/2011 by Merlowe   
    You are entertaining today..keep posting and so will I..LOL

  • Posted on 06/26/2011 by Merlowe   
    Well if you do ..just make sure it is a GREAT tattoo artist I would hate for it to come out looking like me it could happen..LOL

  • Posted on 06/26/2011 by Merlowe   
    Mehhh..Tenderness ..smendernish..I like it ROUGH..LOL

  • Posted on 06/23/2011 by Emnes   
    Hello, little pink star........thanks for the friend request. : )

  • Posted on 06/23/2011 by Abrupt   
    Any ideas littlepinkstar?

  • Posted on 06/23/2011 by Abrupt   
    <3 Cool pictures littlepinkstar. Go you!

  • Posted on 06/21/2011 by TameBabyParrots   
    Thanks for being a zivity friend good luck in the contests!

  • Posted on 06/21/2011 by AndyVirus   
    lol you're fine. Aww thank yous ^_^

  • Posted on 06/21/2011 by AndyVirus   
    BTW, thank you so much for the votes ^_^ Need all the exposure I can get.

  • Posted on 06/21/2011 by mfarring13   
    I want you to win a prize too!!! considering I have shot all your sets so far, it would mean I would win as well!! :P

  • Posted on 06/20/2011 by hexhypoxia   
    mew! *glomps* i adore ur face! :P

  • Posted on 06/20/2011 by AndyVirus   
    Yepp Yepp.

  • Posted on 06/20/2011 by mfarring13   
    hahaha! of course you're not!

  • Posted on 06/20/2011 by mfarring13   
    easy killer! :P haha!

  • Posted on 06/19/2011 by AndyVirus   
    Lol you are fine. I probably won't be here by then though. I sorrys.

  • Posted on 06/17/2011 by artfulpornographer   
    Its about a 2hr drive from me- maybe could meet in between?

  • Posted on 06/17/2011 by artfulpornographer   
    Come visit my studio I will shoot some awesome sets!

  • Posted on 06/17/2011 by AndyVirus   
    Aww thank you so much! ^_^ I could use the vote and exposure <3

  • Posted on 06/16/2011 by tWiStEdPhotography   
    for sure! I think you are just the cutest!

  • Posted on 06/13/2011 by Merlowe   
    How exciting ..cannot wait to see it!

  • Posted on 06/12/2011 by Dimentia   
    Thanks for accepting! Pretty pictures. xo

  • Posted on 06/11/2011 by hexhypoxia   
    aww mew! *glomps* hehe ur adorable love!

  • Posted on 06/10/2011 by hexhypoxia   
    mew..i knew i loved your glitter set but i just realized u did a bettie set..meep! i lvoes that one tooooo!!!

  • Posted on 06/08/2011 by Merlowe   
    If I had any votes at all :( I would happily send them all your way! I hope that helps.. :)
    I wish you a wonderful ..spontaneous Day!

  • Posted on 06/01/2011 by EnglishBabs   
    Yes, we do! I'm not involved myself, as I'm straight, but my eldest daughter is very much involved.

  • Posted on 06/01/2011 by EnglishBabs   
    Happy Pride Month to you from England!

  • Posted on 05/31/2011 by KrysClavicle   
    Thanks for the FR

  • Posted on 05/31/2011 by mfarring13   
    Yay Glitter!

  • Posted on 05/30/2011 by Kealani   
    Glitter never looked so sexy!

  • Posted on 05/27/2011 by hexhypoxia   
    mew i love laguna blues eyes!! haha i just got the holten hyde excited!

  • Posted on 05/26/2011 by SoBelle   
    Thanks for the support sweety! ♥

  • Posted on 05/26/2011 by hexhypoxia   
    mew omg im obsessed!!! i love draculaura and frankie stein hehe..i actually just got new socks and necklaces for both of them hahah!

  • Posted on 05/25/2011 by Saint   
    You seriously can be an SG. Continue crackin' out those sets and get involved on the site! I can't wait to see ya pink!!

  • Posted on 05/25/2011 by BoldDaniel   
    Greetings Friend!

  • Posted on 05/25/2011 by SalomeSlaughter   
    Hi lady! Thanks for the friend request! Are you a member of Suicide Girls, because I'm an SG and can answer any questions you may have. :)

  • Posted on 05/23/2011 by Shakikai   
    OMG! I love the volcano girl set!!! Hottie mc hotts stuff!!

  • Posted on 05/21/2011 by Shakikai   
    I really liked you "chess and chocolates" set! Uber cute! The concept kicks ass! XD

  • Posted on 04/28/2011 by tWiStEdPhotography   
    Thanks for the FR. Way to get out there and do your thing! cant wait to see more from you!

  • Posted on 04/26/2011 by onirico   
    Hi, nice debut, want to see more soon!

  • Posted on 04/19/2011 by Viking   
    thanks for the add, hope you're doing well. nice set!

  • Posted on 04/18/2011 by ArcaneAngel   
    thanks for the friend request, well done on your first set :)

  • Posted on 04/16/2011 by Pirate Photography   
    thanks for the fr :)

  • Posted on 04/14/2011 by SoBelle   
    lol slow down woman we just met. :)

  • Posted on 04/14/2011 by Lumanae   
    Thank you for adding me to you friend list! :)

  • Posted on 04/12/2011 by EnglishBabs   
    Thanks for the friend add.Good luck with your first set! nice pin-up style!

  • Posted on 04/12/2011 by adrian_louise   
    thanks for the friend request. i have on the very same black leg warmers in my latest part 1 and part 2 sets! heh heh

  • Posted on 04/12/2011 by El_Mercurio   
    Thanks for being a Zivifriend :)

  • Posted on 04/11/2011 by AftermathPhoto   
    Hey lady! Thanks for the friend request! Your hair is awesome in your set and you rock that corset!

  • Posted on 04/11/2011 by SoBelle   
    Thanks, you're pretty hot yourself! ♥

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