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New set up! I think you should have a look <3

Thank you for looking at my profile, I am currently looking to work with high end designers, photographers and magazines etc.

Passionate alterative model specialising in latex, lingerie and art nude. Truly loves modelling with 100% always put in.

I have been modeling for 6 years and I have done just about every different types of shoots, this is the reason why I do not do TF* unless it will be of benefit to my portfolio or it is for a charity I back. Ultimately, this is one of my main sources of income.

Email [email protected] with any enquires you may have

If you wish to work with me please get in touch detailing the location, theme(s) and compensation.

I now want to focus on more project work around lingerie, erotic/art nude and latex fashion.

I am forever looking around for new and interesting ideas and the models and photographers I get the most inspiration from are -

Miss Mosh, Ellis Cooper, Vanessa Lake

Other Information -
- My hair colour is currently Dirty Blonde
- Tattoo wise I have a 2 sleeves in progress, 2 large lilies on my side and 2 small tattoos behind either ear (easily covered), both feet tattooed, large lettering on the back of my thighs, heart lock on front of right thigh, a large wolf down my right side from top of ribs to the back of my knee

I will be accompanied with chaperon on all shoots unless otherwise stated

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More sets on the way soon, thank you all for the support so far <3

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