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in Cupid's Cutie (19 photos)

by GlamourGalB


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“My bow and arrow I have with me All ready set in place To use the very next time I see Cupid's smiling face I lie in wait expectantly for him An ambush I have prepared No sleep will these eyes of mine have until His arrows of love I have shared The very first moment I see him approach Smiling and wielding his bow I will draw back with my own true aim Catch him with his own arrow Then I will stand with a smile of my own What a sight to behold it shall be To watch Cupid fall in love himself And see how it feels to be me”



Leidi of the Dungeon

featuring LeidiD


Blacklight Paint Fun

featuring LeidiD


Wet N Wild

featuring LeidiD


Waterfall Siren

featuring LeidiD



featuring bexh


A Day in The Woods

featuring Porcelain