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 Ottawa, Canada

excited about the publication of my first set. First I shall take over Zivity... then, the world! Bwahaha!

Critical. Exuberant. Feisty. Unusual.

At 5'7, with blue eyes and permanently tousled hair, I'm that rogue fairy you met in the woods- the one who handed you a piece of strange fruit and told you to eat. I know you don't remember much after that, but you woke up smelling of pine needles with glitter in your hair and the fading memory of a beautiful dream.

When I'm not frolicking in nature, I study theatre, read books, and daydream about the revolution.

I am taking over the world with love and laughter and I would be so pleased if you would join in.

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Great first set


Thanks for the FR, great first set!


Hello new friend! Hope all's well by you. I've just had a set go up as an Editor's Pick today! Come see? ^_^