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  • Posted on 09/05/2014 by TygerGreenleaf   
    Thanks for accepting my friendship, LadyINK!! >^+^<

  • Posted on 12/26/2012 by (deleted) Angel_X   
    Thanks for the add, love! <3

  • Posted on 01/03/2012 by KrysClavicle   
    Hey there. Thanks for accepting my add. Im pleased to meet a sexy lady like you!

  • Posted on 11/12/2011 by AlycHope   
    hey darling how are you lately

  • Posted on 08/26/2011 by pixbyjim   
    How's it going? Love your sets, would love to collaborate with you one day on a set!

  • Posted on 08/10/2011 by jajanut   
    Hey friend, my first set with new male model Josh is up! Hopefully you get a chance to check it out! =)

  • Posted on 07/13/2011 by chrissydaniels   
    Hope you're having a wonderful night!

  • Posted on 05/10/2011 by EvaSkye   
    Hi hun, thanks for the excepting my FR

  • Posted on 05/08/2011 by BoldDaniel   
    Greetings Friend!

  • Posted on 04/18/2011 by Bobynet   
    THank you !!!

  • Posted on 04/18/2011 by Bobynet   
    THank you !!!

  • Posted on 03/08/2011 by WhiteTrash   
    Oh yeah, awesome sets by the way!

  • Posted on 03/08/2011 by WhiteTrash   
    Howdy darlin, thank you much for accepting my FR!! Have a good'n!

  • Posted on 12/16/2010 by Ayako   
    Hey sexy! Thanks for the FR!! <3

  • Posted on 10/14/2010 by beaufoto   
    howdy. let me know if you come to LA so we can shoot a set...

  • Posted on 10/11/2010 by onirico   
    Hey Lady INK, you've gorgeous photos, keep going & take care.

  • Posted on 10/04/2010 by MistressMolotov   
    No prob. And girl, you are gorgeous!!

  • Posted on 09/16/2010 by millersmill10   
    Great sets! Love the main pic- hot!

  • Posted on 09/12/2010 by AlanSzwec   
    your welcome, it was a beautifully done set with a gorgeous woman.

  • Posted on 09/11/2010 by winstonnilesrumfoord   
    Hey there!, Likewise, will be fun!

  • Posted on 08/26/2010 by Creative Disobedience   
    Love your sets. If you're ever in the NYC area would love to work with you.

  • Posted on 08/26/2010 by goodgirl   
    thanxxxxxx u ;) nice day for u ;)

  • Posted on 08/26/2010 by goodgirl   
    thanxxxxxx u ;) nice day for u ;)

  • Posted on 08/25/2010 by sunnisomer   
    Love your images woman. Hot!

  • Posted on 08/25/2010 by islabelle   
    Great work, thank you for becoming a friend!

  • Posted on 08/21/2010 by LunaDelFuego   
    Thanks for being a friend! xo

  • Posted on 08/16/2010 by nhgaudreau   
    Only if your hugs are amazing :-D

  • Posted on 08/16/2010 by nhgaudreau   
    I'm your 1000th friend! Do I win something? haha. Awesome work.

  • Posted on 08/14/2010 by lindybabe   
    I would love to! as soon as I figure out the whole Zivity thing :) I repel technology. hehe :)

  • Posted on 08/13/2010 by lindybabe   
    Hey sexy! Thanks for the add! Lovin the Ink and Denim set!!

    Love, Lindy

  • Posted on 08/06/2010 by sylverwolf1   
    Hey sweetie, Ink and Denim is very hott!!! You stand a great chance at winning the contest, and if it were up to me you would win!!!

  • Posted on 08/06/2010 by Edwin_EVolve   
    INK & Denim now live in Prizes Section in the Blue Jeans contest

  • Posted on 08/04/2010 by Edwin_EVolve   
    next week!

  • Posted on 08/04/2010 by SomaStardust   
    hi sexy! thanks for the fr!

  • Posted on 08/03/2010 by sylverwolf1   
    I love the new set Lady, another masterpiece!!!

  • Posted on 07/31/2010 by sledge22   
    not sure what to say except very hot..........

  • Posted on 07/31/2010 by sledge22   
    not sure what to say except very hot..........

  • Posted on 07/29/2010 by ReetaLeena   
    I wanted to have money for my own corsets too... The purple one is not mine, a really cool guy that makes some awesome corsets let me use that one... But I will buy one, one day with a pair of Zombie Shoes, by Iron Fist...I could kill to get them...

  • Posted on 07/29/2010 by ReetaLeena   
    Love your outfit!!!
    Sorry, I thought it was a corset... :o)

  • Posted on 07/29/2010 by ReetaLeena   
    You are beautiful :D I love your corsets

  • Posted on 07/29/2010 by EnglishBabs   

    Thanks for the friend request. You have some great photosets up. I'm new on here, and have just put up my first photodet a few days ago. Now I'm planning the next one.

  • Posted on 07/29/2010 by Minxy_Mordacious   
    Thanks for the add doll!

  • Posted on 07/23/2010 by PJPaints   
    Hey new friend thanks for the add! Im new one here--my first set is called a cigarette in bed by kissmyhuman if ya wanna check it out!
    <3 P

  • Posted on 07/21/2010 by sylverwolf1   
    Thanks for accepting my FR sweetie!! I look forward to getting to know ya!

  • Posted on 07/21/2010 by sylverwolf1   
    Thanks for accepting my FR sweetie!! I look forward to getting to know ya!

  • Posted on 07/21/2010 by Summer   
    Congratulations! I'm sure they're lucky to have you : )

  • Posted on 07/20/2010 by Summer   
    Hope the new job works out : )

  • Posted on 07/19/2010 by mastertouch   
    cool sets miss... may have to hunt you down when I finally visit your slab of rock

  • Posted on 07/18/2010 by Mysteria Samurai   
    your welcome. :)

  • Posted on 07/18/2010 by Prophet   
    I own you so many more!!!

  • Posted on 07/13/2010 by studio206   
    hey hey, lovin' ur sets. especially the last one. very hot.

  • Posted on 07/12/2010 by Zombie Doll   
    i love the default pic.

  • Posted on 07/12/2010 by Cyan   
    You are a sweetheart.

  • Posted on 07/09/2010 by Zombie Doll   
    hey i'm bored. What are u up to??

  • Posted on 07/09/2010 by Bisforbrandy   
    Thanks for the friend request. I'm still new so i need all the friends i can get. I see your location is in sac, where abouts in sac? Also what shop are you at?

  • Posted on 07/08/2010 by Built4Sin   
    thanks for the friend request!! awesome sets cant wait to see more maybe check out mine too!!

  • Posted on 07/07/2010 by Zombie Doll   
    yay you were the first to write on my wall.

  • Posted on 07/06/2010 by Oracle Eyes   
    Gladly accepted, you are glorious

  • Posted on 07/05/2010 by Trix   
    Hey Ink! Just saying Hi.

  • Posted on 07/01/2010 by ladyfrankenstein   
    hello, beautiful new friend! <3

  • Posted on 06/30/2010 by Zuraih   
    nice chatting with ya shortly today.. hope you have an awesome night!!

  • Posted on 06/30/2010 by Datura919   
    Hi new friend!

  • Posted on 06/29/2010 by Gwendolyn   
    Hey, thanks for the friendship ;)

  • Posted on 06/25/2010 by Edwin_EVolve   
    hello hello

  • Posted on 06/23/2010 by justice91423   
    I'm confused. Who won?

  • Posted on 06/22/2010 by justice91423   
    You were robbed

  • Posted on 06/19/2010 by AnnabellLee   
    Hi, thanks for the friend request! :)

  • Posted on 06/17/2010 by chrissydaniels   
    hope you're having an awesome day!

  • Posted on 06/16/2010 by ladyfrankenstein   
    hello, gorgeous! <3

  • Posted on 06/15/2010 by dDanielle   
    Hey lovely lady! You are beautiful. <3

  • Posted on 06/15/2010 by Edwin_EVolve   
    wazzup sexy... you find me
    great sets....cant wait to create some with u

  • Posted on 06/12/2010 by Sequine   
    Love the new set! You photograph beautifully!

  • Posted on 06/09/2010 by Tabatha   
    Lovely new set!

  • Posted on 06/07/2010 by Heather_Cullodena   
    hot Hot HOT!! Love the new set :P

  • Posted on 06/07/2010 by TameBabyParrots   
    Hi there! I'd love to introduce you to some new zivity models from Texas:
    DirtyStitches reminds me of Andy Warhol's muse, Edie Sedgwick, and her first set is by a waterfall:
    Cosmicgirl03 is a cute Asian art student up here near Dallas, her first set is in a field of bluebonnets:

  • Posted on 06/06/2010 by EyeOfRa   
    Thanks for the FR! Drop me a line if you're ever headed towards DC and want to shoot a set :)

  • Posted on 06/04/2010 by Mysteria Samurai   
    Thank you for the FR, :)

  • Posted on 05/31/2010 by El_Mercurio   
    Hey! Thanks for the Friend Request. I love your work!

  • Posted on 05/31/2010 by AgentWhimsy   
    i *love* your photos. can't vote yet as i'm still a trial member. you are super talented and creative!

  • Posted on 05/31/2010 by artfulpornographer   
    Love your sets!

  • Posted on 05/31/2010 by billyb   
    great sets....thanks for the friend request

  • Posted on 05/31/2010 by calvin66   
    thanks for the're absolutely stunning!!

  • Posted on 05/30/2010 by DarkHeart   
    Goodness! What a Beauty!! Thanks for the Friend Request!

  • Posted on 05/30/2010 by AgentWhimsy   
    hey, thanks for the FR! what a stunning photo.

  • Posted on 05/30/2010 by redFishGreen   
    i know. how crazy is that?
    btw: love the new profile pic !!

  • Posted on 05/30/2010 by MissMercy   
    Thanks for the friend request. I love the styling in your sets.


  • Posted on 05/30/2010 by Yael   
    ThanXXX for the FR, beauté :)

  • Posted on 05/30/2010 by Oogami   
    Your latest set is awesome! Let's shoot sometime when you're in the bay area next!

  • Posted on 05/29/2010 by Kitty me-ow Mcmuffin   
    Love your newest set! xoxo

  • Posted on 05/29/2010 by sami   
    Thanks for the friend request! Lovely sets :)

  • Posted on 05/29/2010 by jbenjamin   
    Love the ink! Way to go... Magnetizing figure and presence. JB

  • Posted on 05/29/2010 by Sequine   
    thanks for the FR. wonderful sets

  • Posted on 05/29/2010 by WhitneyMorgan   
    Hi there gorgeous!

  • Posted on 05/29/2010 by Tabatha   
    Thanks for the FR, lovely work here.

  • Posted on 05/29/2010 by FotoFrank   
    Thanks for the add. Terrific work!!

  • Posted on 05/29/2010 by MrJoshua   
    Well, can't say I blame you for not coming back here! Maybe I can find my way to you so we can shoot a set or eight.

  • Posted on 05/29/2010 by bdfoto   
    I hope you can make it some day too. Past my bedtime - midnight here in the mother country.

  • Posted on 05/29/2010 by bdfoto   
    Thank you for the FR. Do you ever come to South East England (that's Old England)?

  • Posted on 05/29/2010 by MrJoshua   
    Thanks for the add Lady!!! Do you ever get back to Ridgecrest?

  • Posted on 05/29/2010 by antietam   
    hey pretty lady...thanks for the request!!

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