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by SMind


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“I ran across a book a few months ago. It illustrated the history of photography, and though I am not one to gravitate to older work these days, I found an incredible beauty in the history of fine art nudes. A few images in particular fascinated me; the color sepia took over them, and undeniably the body of the women beautiful. However the one thing that stood out most was the lack of detail in the face. Hair was always pulled over, or a darkness covered the eyes and lips by a manipulation of light. In text it said, that the image of the naked women in a photograph were seen as taboo. Thus needing to hide their face, in case of the judgement or harassment of their peers. I wanted to replicate this beautiful way of showing the human body, in a much older way, but without trying to imitate film. Enjoy.”



Night Moves

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Miner for a heart of gold

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Bathing in the Woods

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Hex in the Shade

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