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 Canton, MI

The second set is now live!?! Uber excited for this set. Show love, leave comment and votes, let me know what you think =^.^= Thank you ♡

Hello,I'm KrissyKitten666, and I am new here to Zivity. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to get to know a little about me!

I have been modeling now on and off for a couple of years but I am thinking of starting it back up more seriously now that I am here on Zivity. I could really use some encouragement and feedback though!

I am mostly an alternative model and I can be a very naughty Kitty =^.^=, but I am always looking fro suggestions for shoot ideas and themes, so if you have requests, please let me know!

Please feel free to message me and chat as I would love to get to know all of you!

Lots of love, =^.^=

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4 Photosets


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Eeek!! I managed to get some votes before I even had time to let everyone know my incentives!! I guess now would be a good time to do that!

Ok, the photographer for my first set, CowboyDavephotography will be handling the bonus material, but for this set, vote 5 times and you will get all of the images from the set, and for 5 more votes on top of that, and you will get the bonus images from this set. There are 11 images in the bonus set and they are the naughtiest images I have ever taken!! That and the fishnets stay on the entire time!!! Now that is naughty!

Show me some love, but more over, give me some feedback on the set, I am still new and looking for suggestions and comments!

MEOW =^.^=

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Lovely debut!


Welcome to Zivity and thank you for accepting my FR.


Sorry babe, I was born and raised in Detroit, but I live in Los Angeles now.