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will be submitting a set at a photographer soon!!! This is a first. Usually I am in front of the camera.

I have been modeling for the past two years with and have heard a lot about this site and figured it was time to give it a try. And grow to love this community too.

A little about myself.... I am a southern girl with a city heart. My life is lead with passions from anything in the art field. Photography, painting, drawing, designing. I am a huge smart ass....give me time you will see! :)
I love stealing candy from babies and their is always a party in my pants.....and that is sarcasm at is finest ladies and gents. In all seriousness.... if I have to be serious...which is hard because I am such a goofball and spaz at heart. I am here to meet great people....see some amazing art and talent at its finest. Being able to show you my art is my creative outlet. Social networking has become a bit of a hobby for me so you will see I tend to update quite often!


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VOTE 100 PLUS TIMES ON ANY OF MY SETS: Gets you my BONUS VIDEO, a whole set (40 to 50 images) that is not on Zivity and I will send you a 8x10 signed and personalized print of me.

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i miss you and hope to work with you soon!ps: your looking great


So great to stumble upon you here. I'm a big fan of your work both in front of and behind the camera on SG. Hope to see some of your work soon!


Thanks for the friend request. Will show your sets some love soon ;)