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in The Strip District (46 photos)

by chrismaverick


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“Kitty and I had the idea for shooting a paparazzi style set for the Permission to Peek contest. The concept was simple. She'd dress up at best she could like a celebrity and we'd go to a busy section of town and I'd just shoot her from afar like a tabloid paparazzi trying to get some good footage of some It Girl celebrity. Pittsburgh's Strip District was perfect for it. Not just because of the name (though that helped) but also because it provides just the right kind of busy shopping experience that really made the whole thing work. And of course, once she spotted me following her, she ducked down an alley between stores to make the set just a little more interesting.”



Megan in the Attic

featuring Kitty


Don't be scared, I've done this before.

featuring Kitty


The attic

featuring Kitty



featuring Kitty


Belle Journee

featuring Bear


Circa 69

featuring Zzy