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in I Cannot Dance Upon My Toes (34 photos)

by nickjohnson


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“I cannot dance upon my Toes -- No Man instructed me -- But oftentimes, among my mind, A Glee possesseth me, That had I Ballet knowledge -- Would put itself abroad In Pirouette to blanch a Troupe -- Or lay a Prima, mad, And though I had no Gown of Gauze -- No Ringlet, to my Hair, Nor hopped to Audiences -- like Birds, One Claw upon the Air, Nor tossed my shape in Eider Balls, Nor rolled on wheels of snow Till I was out of sight, in sound, The House encore me so -- Nor any know I know the Art I mention -- easy -- Here -- Nor any Placard boast me -- It's full as Opera - Emily Dickinson”



Tutu and fishnets on railroad tracks.

featuring KatelynChenelle


Morning Coffee

featuring KatelynChenelle



featuring KatelynChenelle


The Green Belt

featuring londonandrews


Rooftop Show

featuring SomaQueen


The Dark

featuring Alivya