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in Twister (29 photos)

by MJDigitalArt


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“Meet JuicyBluEyes... yeah.. seems like an odd name, but it is actually the name she uses in all of her modeling work.. Juicy models in a few different endeavors.. you'll have to chat her up to find out where her other work can be found.. She is a sweet girl, with a great attitude, a wonderful body, and is open to just about anything we want to shoot. If you like her first set.. please show her some love so we can release her second set which is even better than this one! Love this set.. and we'll love you back double... see my profile for vote incentives.. including info on how to get see these photos in FULL Resolution!! ”



What Should I Wear?

featuring JuicyBluEyes


My Favorite Short Shorts

featuring JuicyBluEyes


Hot Sticky & Sweet

featuring JuicyBluEyes


The Milky Way of Life

featuring RavenLeFaye


no one can see inside your view

featuring LiiLii


Dulce Beach Pt2

featuring verucadulce