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 The itty bitty city by the sea.....

Not on this site much... Contact me on my ModelMayhem profile

I do what I want. I'm a huge fan of things like chocolate chip cookies, tattoos, spinny chairs, the Mendocino Brewing Co. and the Lost Coast Brewing Co., bacon, downtown Santa Cruz's pink umbrella man, Morgan Freeman's voice, and finding money in my pocket that I didn't know was there. I hate fake tans, drama, slow computers, socks in sandals, fanny packs, fake people, and The Twilight Saga. I use 'rock, paper, scissors' for serious decision making and I kick ass at Wii bowling....

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Oh my gosh! I have your profile picture in a list of favorites on MM. I've shot with Isaac. Excellent work here, Beautiful!


Hello new friend!


Hey wow! you have awesome sets....sweet kisses from London...