in 38k Ladybugs (13 photos)

by MJDigitalArt


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“Don't you just love it when a shippers mistake goes in your favor? We ordered 16000 ladybugs and they accidentally double shipped our order... so we ended up doing this shoot with 38000 ladybugs!! Now we didn't sit there and count them.. but each box we received contained 16000 ladybugs.. and we got two shipments on two separate days... you wanna talk about creepy?? Try pouring 38000 ladybugs all over your naked body and let them crawl around all over you! Unfortunately it was pretty chilly on the day we did this shoot.. and so the ladybugs were not very active.. so we didn't get the swarming we wanted.. but the shipper assured me that as long as we released them near water and shelter they would be fine for the winter... we released them on a beach that had a stand of trees... with farmland all around.. they are going to be happy little ladybugs and live happy little ladybug lives. -- Love this set.. and we'll love you back double. Vote incentives are in place for this set... see my profile for more details. ”



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Beauty of Medusa

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Jilted Swamp Bride

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Oh Precious

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All I Want for Christmas

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