in Hot Dog on a Steek.... I Kill You! (18 photos)

by MJDigitalArt


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“Jadea, wanting to do something completely different than anyone else would be doing came to me with a concept for the Hot Dog on a Stick prize.. She had this whole thing thought out.. based on a comedy routine by Jeff Dunham.. she called it Hot Dog on a Steeek.. I Kill You!! If you've never heard of it.. stop right now.. and go google Jalapeno on a Stick.. watch the youtube videos, as well as some of Jeff Dunham's other comedy routines and this will make a lot more sense to you. It is very dark, and tongue in cheek.. in a way that only Jadea can do.. As we shot it, I got more into the idea, and gradually came to like it in an odd sort of way.. its kind of like a train wreck... you can't help but look! -- Love this set and we'll love you back double. Please see my profile for incentives and how to get access to the bonus album for this set. ”



Apple Rocks!

featuring Jadea


Risky Business

featuring Jadea


Beauty of Medusa

featuring Jadea


Jilted Swamp Bride

featuring Jadea


Fragments VI: RedRider23

featuring RedRider23


Melissa in the hotel

featuring Meltonguemodel