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about to go to Singapore

I am ~Hathor Eye
I have always been a natural Muse, Dancer & at times, a Photographer, Painter, Sketch Artist, and sculpturist.

As I walk about through my life, often my mind sees in photographs. I notice the colors, the shadows, the patterns and composition of certain arrangements of subjects and items within my vision. I see art everywhere I go!

"I believe that we are all creators in everything that we do, so when we actively take part in our creations, we are consciously contributing to the universal awareness, that music which resides within us all!" ~H

My soul yearns to co-create amazing, wondrous, thought provoking, emotion evoking, spiritually challenging ART! I feel an insatiable desire to constantly contribute to the universal creativeness, with an exuberant gaiety most find contagious!

Let us inspire Curiosity! Let us invoke Awe! Let us PLAY!

I thrive, collaborating with other artist's creative energies for new & unusual projects or interesting environments. I LOVE to be challenged! I am very flexible, daring, playful, expressive, active, athletic, and adventurous! I want to bend society's barriers into such abhorrent distortion that they become the 'New Wave!

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2 Photosets


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    VeeBee59 voted 8 times

Thank you for accepting my friend request! I'd love to work with you when I next head up that way!


Thank you for the FR,drop me a note if you want to collaborate for new set.


Well hello gorgeous! Welcome to the neighbourhood <3 Miss you!