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in servent les dames de meuble (38 photos)

by RopeCouture


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“Montaigne was bothered that ladies treated his essays as furniture... a coffee table book. So he wrote a chapter to put it in the closet. He asks why sex is excluded from serious discussion... why the female sex is expected to be silent on the subject, when the Empress of Rome had 25 men in one night, and the Queen of Aragon decreed that married couples should have sex six times a day... talk about girl power! HannahNoel is a sexy lady who wants to be furniture.. with coffee table books! Vive la difference!”



Hannah Noel at the Soap Opera Laundromat

featuring HannahNoel


IceCream Fun

featuring HannahNoel


Space Pinup

featuring HannahNoel


Leopard on Leopard

featuring HannahNoel


a dance of ink

featuring minuitstorm


Summer Passage

featuring RatQueen