grumpy cat

by sobootyful featuring HadaPixie

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sobootyful says: “I was so excited when I found out Pixie wanted to do Grumpy Cat, so imagine my thrill when she walked out of wardrobe in full gear. Squeals everywhere. The house dog Pinto Bean wanted to be part of the that he wanted to eat cheese and show me his asshole instead of pose and make pictures. Ha!!! Incentives are: 5 votes for 3 hi res images, 15 votes for the full set in hi res. 20 votes gets you the full set + 3 scanned instax (one of Pixie, 2 with Pixie and MinuitStorm). The first 3 people to vote 30 times get an original signed instax of your choice sent to you. Want all 3 - be the first to vote 50 times and they'll be in the mail to you!! ”

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