in High Heels in Low Places (24 photos)

by Soleil Levant Studios


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“In the cool light of an abandoned warehouse the casual observer can see exposed bricks, chipped plaster, and rusting iron peeking out from behind peeling paint. But in addition to the trash on the floor and the graffiti that adorns the walls, this particular building has another enchanting embellishment: Habana. From her raven hair to her black heels and dress, Habana's ravishing curves and warm shadows transform this warehouse into something infinitely more welcoming.”

Soleil Levant Studios


Peeping Tom Gets Caught

featuring Habana


New Playstation Frustrations

featuring Habana


Habana Bottomless

featuring Habana


Havana Club

featuring Habana


Rubber Girl

featuring majastina


Beauty and Nature

featuring MadameBink

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