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Posted on 01/02/2013 by Gypsie   
Incentives for Smart Cookie, Totally Awesome Geek!, and Talk Nerdy to Gypsie:
1vote=fave photo
5votes=entire set
10votes=entire set +4 super sexy bonus pics!

  • Posted on 03/10/2014 by WPLProductions   
    Thank you for accepting my FR

  • Posted on 03/09/2014 by TygerGreenleaf   
    Thanks for the friendship Gypsie!

  • Posted on 12/27/2013 by syntheticshadows   
    Thanks for the friend request!

  • Posted on 07/15/2013 by mademoizel   
    Thank you for accepting FR.

  • Posted on 07/14/2013 by TwistedAngel108   
    Thanks for accepting my friend request :) Cool sets!

  • Posted on 07/08/2013 by VioletSkyy   
    Thank you! Its time you do a zivity set! its been a while!

  • Posted on 07/02/2013 by Nattharivera   
    Hello very nice set!

  • Posted on 06/27/2013 by VioletSkyy   
    Its been too long since ive seen you!!

  • Posted on 04/15/2013 by PoppySinclair   
    Thank you so much for the friend request! You are absolutely stunning! <3

  • Posted on 04/01/2013 by VioletSkyy   

  • Posted on 03/30/2013 by VioletSkyy   
    Happy Easter love, from your playboy bunny violet & Candylust

  • Posted on 03/24/2013 by Nattharivera   

  • Posted on 03/17/2013 by Celadon   
    Hello to you. Thanks for welcoming me:)

  • Posted on 03/04/2013 by Saloma   
    Hi friend! I hope you have a great week. Sorry for being disappear this last time, but now i’m back and i have exclusives sexy incentives for voting on my pasts sets. Hope you check it out on my wall!
    Kisses. Xoxo

  • Posted on 03/03/2013 by Shebari   
    Hey there purdy Gypsie! I just had to drop by and say hi. How you doing lovely? I have to thank you once more for indtroducing me to this awesome site! You, my dear, have changed my life! Mwuah! xxx

  • Posted on 02/27/2013 by Mercurie   
    thank you so much for the support on my set!!!

  • Posted on 03/03/2013 by Gypsie   
    Hell Yeah! Hope to see a new set from you on SG soon :)

  • Posted on 02/14/2013 by WinterMayhem   
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Spreading some kisses and hugs!
    ( ˘ ³˘)♡

  • Posted on 02/15/2013 by Gypsie   
    Thank you, sweetheart! Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day yourself! I indulged on vegan cupcakes and watched movies :)

  • Posted on 02/03/2013 by WDH   
    Thanks for the FR. I am honored. Your sets are so fun!

  • Posted on 01/11/2013 by MUCFoto   
    Thanx for the friendship :-D
    funny colorful sets ...

  • Posted on 12/20/2012 by HeidiDee89   
    Love your pictures!

  • Posted on 11/03/2012 by Rhoma   
    Stunning, Love!

  • Posted on 10/25/2012 by Vera Baby   
    Love the profile image. Beautiful

  • Posted on 10/21/2012 by DBImageryToronto   
    Thx for the FR, beautiful! Your face is not only gorgeous, but *wonderfully expressive ;)

  • Posted on 10/11/2012 by KelsoPhoto   
    Allo :)
    Cant wait either

  • Posted on 09/26/2012 by Vynx   
    LikemyFacebook: Vynx Vixen

  • Posted on 09/13/2012 by Shebari   
    Hey there sweety pie! Thank you for the happy birthday wishes. I love your new set!! You have the most beautiful smile! I wish I could smile like that. Keep smiling dear, you are wonderful xxx

  • Posted on 08/10/2012 by Vynx   
    wat a cutie Avatar - u r hawt lady! luv ur sets, dropping by to send my luv hope u have a great day :)

    Visit my official website:
    Visit my other pages:
    Like my Facebook:
    Model Mayhem:
    Follow me on twitter: Vynx Vixen (@VynxVixen)

  • Posted on 08/09/2012 by Krypto33   
    Thanks for accepting my friend request ;)

  • Posted on 07/30/2012 by Ally Rayne   
    thanks for the add!

  • Posted on 07/29/2012 by adrian_louise   
    Yay for new friends! Your Chun Li set is super cute. =]

  • Posted on 07/29/2012 by Shelby58   
    HI Gypsie Thanks for befriending me. I love ballet too.:) Nice profile...Talk to you soon.:)

  • Posted on 07/27/2012 by Vera Baby   
    MetalHEAD is at 50 votes, I'm excited! Only 50 left until I post my newest set.

    Every vote means a lot to me!

    The new set was shot with BoldDaniel and I can hardly wait to get it up :)

  • Posted on 07/13/2012 by Angel_X   
    Any crazy fun plans for today?

  • Posted on 07/13/2012 by Gypsie   
    Hey, doll! I'm planning on getting another tattoo :)

  • Posted on 07/13/2012 by Angel_X   
    Jealous!!! I'm in the process of getting an appointment set up.
    What are you getting?

  • Posted on 07/13/2012 by Gypsie   
    I really want dumbbells, music notes, and a Philco Predicta vintage tv

  • Posted on 07/13/2012 by Angel_X   

  • Posted on 07/13/2012 by Gypsie   
    Happy Friday the 13th! I'm just getting back from the gym and it's wicked, wicked hottt!!! How you've been?

  • Posted on 07/13/2012 by Gypsie   
    Awesome! Just getting that vitamin D also known as plenty of sunlight :) I've been working in the garden planting watermelons, pumpkins, and all types of awesomesauce fruits and veggies.

  • Posted on 07/13/2012 by Gypsie   
    That sucks! (no pun intended) :( But getting out everyday biking, hiking, and walking always makes a fucking difference in our health~ If I go just a few days without working out, I immediately get depressed and then I begin feeling weak and like shit all over again, UGH! I hope you do incorporate more physical activity to your daily routine, it should really help you :)

  • Posted on 07/13/2012 by Gypsie   
    What about snow boarding or skiing? Biking is always fucking great! :)

  • Posted on 07/13/2012 by Gypsie   
    Bummer :( Ever think about Krav Maga or martial arts? Xtreme martial arts is the sex!!!

  • Posted on 07/13/2012 by Gypsie   
    Krav Maga is the Israeli version of martial arts. It's pretty much a criss-cross btwn kickboxing and wrestling. And it is incorporated in the Israeli Security Forces.

    Here's a few links:

  • Posted on 07/12/2012 by Angel_X   
    Have a blast shooting!!!! Can't wait to see them! <3

  • Posted on 07/11/2012 by CruelValentine   
    Thanks so much for adding me! Your sets are killer!


  • Posted on 07/10/2012 by Shebari   
    I love Gypsie! Gypsie is the best! La lalala laaaa xxx

  • Posted on 07/03/2012 by VioletSkyy   
    Hey you!! thanks for the votes!!

  • Posted on 07/01/2012 by Shebari   
    Hey Gypsie!! I wanted to say hellooooo, and a big thank you for introducing me to Zivity. You were, of course, 100% correct when you told me it is super awesome! I love it!! Thanks sweety xxxx

  • Posted on 05/12/2012 by Heathen   
    Hey Lovely, hope you're having a great weekend!!

  • Posted on 04/30/2012 by EnglishBabs   
    Happy Mayday! Summer is coming!

  • Posted on 05/01/2012 by Gypsie   
    Happy Mayday, darling! :)

  • Posted on 05/01/2012 by EnglishBabs   
    Have a great day, love!

  • Posted on 04/30/2012 by bitten   
    YA. it's monday. who doesn't love mondays? lol

  • Posted on 04/30/2012 by Gypsie   
    After being buried in books and practically hung-over from all those bloody final assignments all week & weekend~ Thank God it's fucking Monday right now! ~TGIM :)

  • Posted on 04/30/2012 by Heathen   
    Hey girl, hope you are having a great week XoXo

  • Posted on 04/29/2012 by Kealani   
    Happy funday Sunday to you too!!! Hope it's a good one! :D

  • Posted on 04/28/2012 by Shebari   
    Hi there sweety!! Thanks for the invite, this is an awesome site! I don't know how to upload pics for prizes though :( How do I actually become a model on the site?? You have been so helpful to me, I feel cheeky asking for more help!! Hope you don't mind xx

  • Posted on 04/29/2012 by Gypsie   
    Hey, doll! I think you should submit you Tank Girl set for the Grunge/Alternative Rock prize! :)

  • Posted on 04/30/2012 by Shebari   
    Oooo, good thinking Gypsie. I shall do. It is gonna take ages though, as I will have to contact the togg, and see if he will join Zivity. What if he does not want to? Can I still submit it?

  • Posted on 05/01/2012 by Gypsie   
    Just sent you a pm :)

  • Posted on 05/01/2012 by Shebari   
    Thanks dear, I just replied xxx

  • Posted on 04/25/2012 by bitten   
    Dobry den!

  • Posted on 04/27/2012 by Gypsie   
    Dobray utra, dorogaya! :)

  • Posted on 04/25/2012 by EnglishBabs   
    Have a fantastic Wednesday!

  • Posted on 04/27/2012 by Gypsie   
    May you have a wicked awesome day yourself, love!

  • Posted on 04/27/2012 by EnglishBabs   
    And have a wonderful weekend too!

  • Posted on 04/24/2012 by bitten   
    ya front page!! congrats

  • Posted on 04/27/2012 by Gypsie   
    Thank you,gorgeous! :)

  • Posted on 04/27/2012 by bitten   
    It is always nice to get some recognition ya know. :)

  • Posted on 04/24/2012 by Kealani   
    Yay nice to see you front page!! I wanna play nintendo now! :)

  • Posted on 04/27/2012 by Gypsie   
    Thanks, doll!

  • Posted on 04/24/2012 by EnglishBabs   
    Hey, look who's featured on the front page of Zivity! Congratulations! Very well-deserved! I told you Chun Li is a great set, didn't I?

  • Posted on 04/27/2012 by Gypsie   
    Thank you! It's truly amazing! :)

  • Posted on 04/27/2012 by EnglishBabs   
    Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

  • Posted on 04/20/2012 by Kealani   
    Happy 420 :)

  • Posted on 04/18/2012 by bitten   
    happy hump day!

  • Posted on 04/15/2012 by EnglishBabs   
    Really fun new set! I love iut!

  • Posted on 04/15/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    StreeeetFighter! YOU ROCK! I always picked Chun Li when I played...cos she was sexy. I knew it at an early age. Great set!!! !

  • Posted on 04/14/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    This song makes me think of you...hmmmmnnn wonder why?
    "Walking gets too boring when you learn how to fly"

  • Posted on 04/14/2012 by ArielVonVargas   
    Gypsie Girl! If you are on Sunday am, Im hosting a Zivity chat Id Love you to be a part of.
    Here is a link to the chat:

  • Posted on 04/13/2012 by Kealani   
    Happy Friday the 13th to you too! ;)
    What are you up to this weekend? Your new set looks great, as usual!

  • Posted on 04/13/2012 by Gypsie   
    Thanks, doll! I've been doing tons of push-ups and watching Friday the 13th movies :) I'm going raw food vegan shopping this weekend at the local farmer's market, what about you? :)

  • Posted on 04/13/2012 by Kealani   
    sounds fun, I was thinking of renting some scary movies to watch tonight! And are you a raw food-ist? This weekend I am house cleaning, going hiking, and maybe have a photo shoot if it's not raining.

  • Posted on 04/13/2012 by Gypsie   
    I am a vegan raw foodie :) Oooh I' ll love to go hiking someday! I also have tons of spring cleaning left to do!

  • Posted on 04/13/2012 by Kealani   
    That's cool, I did the raw food thing when I was young, like 13-15. But I didn't like it so much...I felt starved! But I love raw food and raw food desserts are the best! and oh man...I've been avoiding the real house cleaning!! :P

  • Posted on 04/13/2012 by Gypsie   
    I do eat some cooked foods, but I just absofuckinlutely hate processed foods and microwaves! And I only lightly cook some of my meals with extra virgin olive oil with shitloads of spices, and sauces. Geographically, I think raw foodism works best in tropical and warm regions. I love snacking on Go Raw sunflower flax snax and Kale chips :)

  • Posted on 04/13/2012 by Kealani   
    yes..when I was doing raw food we lived in KS...worst place to be! Sounds like you've got the diet down though!

  • Posted on 04/13/2012 by Gypsie   
    I try...I'm just super obsessed being a bloody health nut- lol! For dinner I had Tofurky cold cuts in my veggie salad with olive oil and tons of spices and for dessert I had banana & walnuts with cinnamon :)

  • Posted on 04/13/2012 by Kealani   
    Same here I'm a nutty vegan! Your dinner and dessert sound so tasty! My guy's gonna bring home a veggie burger, fries and a root beer so I'm getting pretty hungry chatting about tasty health food with you lol

  • Posted on 04/13/2012 by Gypsie   
    Yummy! I used to LOVE Morningstar Farms veggie burgers and their chicken wings- oh my fuck!!! But it sucks cause they used GMO soy and megashitloads of chemicals :( Instead, I learned to make my own mushroom veggie burgers :)

  • Posted on 04/13/2012 by EnglishBabs   
    Have a great weekend! What are your plans? Love the new profile pic! Is it from your new set?

  • Posted on 04/13/2012 by Gypsie   
    YES! It's on editorial review! :)

  • Posted on 04/13/2012 by EnglishBabs   
    I will watch out for it going live.

  • Posted on 04/11/2012 by DallasRainbow   
    Thanks for accepting my FR.. Hope you have a great day!

  • Posted on 04/07/2012 by EnglishBabs   
    Happy Passover and Easter! Hope the Easter bunny will bring you lots of chocolate eggs.

  • Posted on 04/08/2012 by Gypsie   
    Thank you, dear! It was such a BEAUTIFUL weekend!!!

  • Posted on 04/09/2012 by EnglishBabs   
    Glad you had a great weekend. My Easter was good too, and it's not over yet! Easter Monday is a public holiday here in England, and we are having our big family Easter dinner today.

Zivity loves you too.