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 victoria bc

please "like" my page on facebook lovers!! i really appreciate your support!!

i have tonnes of energy which is always brought to the shoots i do and major confidence, at first my passion for modelling started out as being 'just for fun' and now its something a lot more!!
i am looking to advance in the model world and need to start networking... i am very easy going, i love EVERYTHING and all styles... always up for something new... i would love to work with more photographers with some unique and different concepts :)
i love being infront of a camera, it feels so natural, i love having music on while shooting and just let the music take me away, it's a huge inspiration for me. :) im really looking to shoot ANYTHING:)
i have 6 small tattoos, which can be airbrushed or photoshopped out if you want:) i have my belly button, nose, tongue, and ears pierced also:)
ALSO i have waaay more pictures on facebook so give me an add and look through some more of my port:)
i do, however, perfer to do more editorial work and high fashion!:) if you would like nude shoots i only do nude paid, and i am verry selecitive which nude shoots i do.. i prefer not to however message me for rates and your idea:)

i am huge against bullying and i love doing shoots with that theme, to stop bullying or stop the homophobia in this world. i believe everyone here on this site has the power and potential to help end this horrible act!!

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hey darling how are you lately


im well and you!?


Hot sets, Neetu... Wanna see more