Fragocide is First photo set up, getting ready to judge the Gear Whore contest at Grinder tonight...





About Me

Always looking for something loud to dance to, working on a Power Noise/Dubstep crossover act with my brother and DJing for Rivetheads across the Central VA area. I was roped into modelling slowly but surely by fashion and photography students until I gave in to how much fun I had doing it.


Soldier of Fortune


Reichmond, VA

My Hometown

Dallas, TX

Favorite Films

Terminator, Hellraiser

My Superpower

Rage, Withering cynical retorts

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  • Posted on 07/11/2011 by Shakikai   
    Howdy! :)

  • Posted on 07/04/2011 by SweetSurrender   
    Thanks for the add doll! Totally lovin' the Zombie set too!

  • Posted on 06/30/2011 by KrysClavicle   
    ooooh creepy FX makeup.
    but sexy.... mmmmm

  • Posted on 06/21/2011 by KrysClavicle   
    lol, thats not a good sign I guess.

  • Posted on 06/20/2011 by KrysClavicle   
    you ready for judgement day???

  • Posted on 06/19/2011 by KrysClavicle   
    howdy! thakns for the add and pleased to meet you

  • Posted on 05/26/2011 by artfulpornographer   
    I have a set ready for you here and on manic monster - do you have your paperwork ready?

  • Posted on 05/25/2011 by l3xth353x   

  • Posted on 05/12/2011 by BoldDaniel   
    Greetings new friend!

  • Posted on 04/30/2011 by Gwendolyn   
    Hey, have you checked out my Betty set in the Bettie Page contest? I'd love to know what you think :)

  • Posted on 04/26/2011 by onirico   
    We're in touch now, awesome picture profile.

  • Posted on 04/23/2011 by nfern   
    thanks for wanting to be my friend!! :)

  • Posted on 04/21/2011 by adrian_louise   
    aww thanks very much! glad you enjoy them. >.<

  • Posted on 04/19/2011 by Gwendolyn   
    I'm just dropping by to say hi :)

  • Posted on 04/12/2011 by adrian_louise   
    thanks for the friendship! i just had part 2 of a fun set go live today. hope you'll take a peek! >.<

  • Posted on 02/22/2011 by artfulpornographer   
    So fragocide when are we going to make pretty pics ;)

  • Posted on 02/22/2011 by Unsafebet   
    Soooooooo...... We're shooting you for Zivity Dudes when?? :)

  • Posted on 02/19/2011 by Mjadams   
    good ;)

  • Posted on 02/18/2011 by Mjadams   
    hey there!.. thank for the accept!!!
    what's about you?

  • Posted on 11/15/2010 by hexhypoxia   
    thank you for the accept! how are you doing?

  • Posted on 10/15/2010 by EnglishBabs   
    Hi, new Zivity friend! Welcome to Zivity!

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