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Erica L Unangst, born on a snowy Saturday in January 1982.When I was entering kindergarten one of the questions they asked me was "what shoots?" and I replied "a star".My mom and dad are the greatest people I have ever met,they taught me to b myself-no matter what and I wouldnt know how to live my life any other way.Its a rare thing, finding people who "get you",Ive got some amazing people in my life,I can count them on two hands but its not about how many people sign your yearbook anymore... Its about living your life,doing what makes you happy and treasuring those who are dear to you.I-like everyone else have suffered great loss.My grandmother passed away when I was 18 and I still can't bring myself to go visit her grave,Its called denial.Then in 2003 my ex boyfriend died suddenly the day after Christmas,It is safe to say the real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind; the kind that blindside you at 9pm
on some idle Friday.I knew Ive always wanted to be an actress and a model.I pursued my dream as a kid,I entered my first Beauty Pageant when I was 9 and continued competing up until I was 15.My dream was crushed when I attended modeling schools and nothing ever came of it.After high school I moved to Cape Cod,MA with my Best Friend.I lived there for almost 4 years.I attended college in Boston,I picked up bar tending along the way,and have worked in the Lehigh Valleys most up scale Bars and Restaurants,I am available for private parties,email me @ [email protected] for rates and info. I lost a bartending job on Easter and it turns out it was a blessing in disguise.Shortly after, Jobless,collecting unemployment a good photographer friend of mine agreed to do a photo shoot with me.The results where undeniable.I sent the photos to Maxim Magazine for their 2008 Hometown Hotties Competition and out of 950,000 girls that entered I was a finalist.I went on more photo shoots, got my self an agent and the rest is history.For the past 8 years I tried to forget what was really in my heart,because I thought it was un realistic and that the idea was crazy but Im doing it, and couldnt be happier.Im on the right track and am determined to not waste any more time.
Thanks for reading this,If I touched your heart,made u smile or laugh please feel free to message me,Im always up for meeting new people.Also Photographers,Producers,Directors,Agents,other actress/models.I am open to any opportunity thrown my direction.Its been real.You wanna hug it out?Lets Hug it out bitch....

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EricaaaaaAAaaaaah... come out and PLLAAAAAAaaaaAAAYY!


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