Green Hills

by syntheticshadows featuring EricaJay

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syntheticshadows says: “These hills confuse me, but I'm afraid to think too deeply on what they are or why they exist. So I put a naked lady on them. Seemed legit.”

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  • Bg_profile_thumb_photo-80x80

    Stunning set <3 Erica looks so gorgeous and sensual on each and every image <3 combined with the beautiful nature and the amazing talent of SyntheticShadows... simply AWESOME!!!

  • Cladonia-80x80

    Now that I'm [not] looking forward to four more months of snow, it is comforting to look at beautiful Erica rolling around naturally on the Creator's carpet.

  • 1171993

    Beautiful! I love the green contrasting with skin tone, the beautiful setting ... I dream of places like that.