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in Sensual Wet (19 photos)

by MJDigitalArt


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“Meet EllieLove.. she is formerly a well known wetlook model, and is Zivity's newest plus sized model. She is a wonderful woman, beautiful and sexy... of course, I'm biased as she is also my partner for life.. She was my original model, and my only model for years, and all of my girls admire her tremendously. She is the lifeblood of our little group, and deserves her own place here on Zivity. I hope you all enjoy her presence here as much as I do. Love this set... and we'll love you back double! Vote incentives are in place for this set and any of my other sets... see my profile for details. ”



Eat my cupcake

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the sea has evaporated

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Harmony In Autumn

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City Park Sunset

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Pin Up Bath

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