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looking towards doing some more hot sets on Monday 17th February!!........ x

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Exclusive offer!!!... Just two votes on my debut set 'Black and red on the bed!' gets you two exclusive photos....
One from my 'Black and red on the bed!' set, and one sneak preview photo from a future set!!! So come on and take advantage of my 'two for one' BOGOF offer and get those votes coming my way!!!
Ella XXX

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BLACK AND RED ON THE BED!..... Photoset vote incentives!
5 votes... You will get emailed to you 2 unpublished pics from the set and one sneak preview from an upcoming future set!
10 votes... You will receive by email, five unpublished pics from the set and two sneak preview pics from another two different future upcoming sets!!!
20 votes and you get a special fans thankyou video from me! EllaChristina79


Gorgeous debut set! Good luck in the contest! Xoxoxxo


Have just done three super photosets with the talented tog Steve2259 today! I am very excited with seeing my first set live on and getting to know lots of the lovely friends and fans here on zivity! XX