in Nowhere Fast (12 photos)

by MissGong


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“"It was over, I wouldn't spend one single minute in that house anymore, with that guy. I took most of my stuff and get the fuck outta that place! Wow... I was feeling kinda lost... driving nowhere fast. I was free for the first time in many years, It was like dying. Killing all my memories, fears and habits, while I was just going North. My mind was totally focused in whatever but the road and the car and... damn! I ran out of gas... It was getting late and dark. Nevermind, It was a beautiful, warm summer evening. What else could matter to me? I just got off the car and waited for someone to take me... "home" ;) "”



Ringgg A Linggg

featuring afffable


The Old Dance Studio

featuring Araina


Shower Time

featuring majastina


Gray in the Ruins

featuring Gray


A Late Night To Cross The Potomac

featuring MissKacieMarie


Black & Yellow

featuring ErisMaximo

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