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 Mesa, AZ

currently reading A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin

I'm a girl gamer geek first and foremost. I was raised on RPGs such as Final Fantasy (who wasn't?) and Zelda and Sonic and Tetris (yes I know that isn't an RPG).

Then I was introduced into the world of MMOs when Guild Wars came out. Left Guild Wars to play WoW. Left WoW to play WAR, AoC, AION, and then RIFT. Now I'm bouncing betweet RIFT and WoW.

I like to do all the typical things people say they like to do: reading, writing, arithmetic. Movies, hiking, rock hounding (kudos if you actually know what that is), mall ratting, txting, Tweeting, etc etc

I have sick twisted sense of humor. My friends look at me like I've gone insane. I probably have. Douchelitists on MMOs will do that to you. They love it though. They know that whenever I finally take over the world, they might be spared.

My family is my life. All six of them (husband, three kids, and two cats).My husband knows me better than myself (he ought to after 13+ yrs). Plus he wants to help me rule the world when I take it over.

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Hey beautiful lady, thanks for friending me! Haven't I seen you on sg too?


Love your new dark hair!


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